No you did not just have a seizure. Relax, its just the Ocean Gallery.

ocean gallery art in Ocean City The 2007 Maryland International Kite Festival was sponsored by The Kite Loft and produced by Sky Festival Productions. The Ocean Gallery has been a landmark on the Boardwalk for ages.  It has to be seen to be believed. The Ocean Gallery is famous for its unique eclectic facade and sign. Hidden amongst the barnacles of art in the Ocean Gallery you can find the WJZ TV boardwalk web cam as seen on Don and Marty. You could spend an hour looking at and reading all of the stuff that's attached to the exterior of the Ocean Gallery's flagship retail store. Pop culture references, shameless self promotions, little oddities, and more are all to be found on the Ocean Gallery. The Ocean Gallery.  Once you've seen it you'll never forget it. Where would Ocean City be without its definitive store? Cloudbreak is one of the more interesting buildings in OC.  Especially for a board shop. The Kite Loft was the place to be on the last weekend of April with the kite festival going on. Fisher's caramel popcorn is one of the reasons area dentists are doing so well. Even sundown can not stop people from wanting a cool treat from Dumser's on the boardwalk. Find your ideal board to shred the waves at Chauncey's Surf Shop Fisher's Caramel Popcorn is made on the spot at their Talbot Street location.  Watch the process from over the counter then take some hot caramel popcorn home with you. Additional specialty pictures

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Pictures are great but being there is even better. Reserve your hotel in Ocean City today and make new memories.
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