The Atlantic Ocean meets the Army Corps of Engineers enhanced beaches of Ocean City.

surf beach in Ocean City The Boardwalk is a lot less crowded during the week in the Spring shoulder season.  The people watching is not as good but the views certainly are. The enormous size of OLO can be seen by comparing it to the size of one of our photographers. Handlers had a difficult time getting this duck off the ground with the winds coming from the West and being blocked by the buildings along the boardwalk. A beautiful Spring day on the Ocean City, MD Boardwalk. A large red dragon kite rises above the sands of Ocean City. A beautiful sunny day brings people to the boardwalk to stroll along and take in the scenery. An amazing sand sculpture created by Randy Hofman. Dawn in Ocean City can produce some beautiful scenes, like the OC fishing pier just before sunrise. The light surf washes up on shore in the early morning hours of a sunny summer day in OC. The sea green surf laps up against a deserted beach on a windy April day in Ocean City. The 15 foot spikey ball at the 2007 MIKE is displayed by Larger Than Life Kites. A colorful ground display decorates the beach at the 2007 Maryland International Kite Expo at Ocean City. A view of the stunt kite field and the Jolly Roger pier rides from underneath the streamers of one of several ground displays at the 2007 MIKE. The skies were blue and the wind was brisk at the beach for the second day of the 2007 MIKE. Additional landscape pictures

beach boardwalk landscape ocean city photo street surf wicomico street more landscape photos

Pictures are great but being there is even better. Reserve your hotel in Ocean City today and make new memories.
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