Classic cars ride along the edge of the Ocean City inlet on their way to be displayed for the Cruisin OC event goers.

cruisin oc 2007 cruisin oc in Ocean City The inlet lot in Ocean City is the place to be during the third weekend in May for the largest of the Cruisin OC event lots. The inlet parking lot fills up quickly with day trippers looking to enjoy the beach. A bay cruiser heads out from the inlet to the Atlantic Ocean. The strip of beach shown in the left of the photo is known as the day tripers beach due to the proximity of the inlet parking lot.  Once you've reached the South end of the Boardwalk you come to the Inlet observation deck, which gives great views of the Inlet and Assateague Island. The South end of Ocean City has a walk way with breathtaking views of the Inlet and Assateague Island. You can rest your wearyfeet on the many benches at the inlet and watch the fishing boats pass by. From the Southwest corner of Ocean City you can see the buildings of West Ocean City across the bay. West Ocean City as viewed from the Ocean City Inlet. A jet skier cruises through the inlet to hit the Atlantic Ocean. The Fishing Pier is located on the Southwest corner of Ocean City.  It is a popular fishing spot and carries basic supplies. New construction in West Ocean City near the new Homer Gudelsky Park.

boardwalk cruisin oc cruisin oc 2007 event inlet inlet lot landmark ocean city parking lot photo south 1st street special street

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