South Moon Under is an upscale fashion retailer with several locations in the area.

South Moon Under, clothing in Ocean City Cool Topics is the place to catch up with the latest trends in clothes and accessories. Get a custom made aribrushed t-shirt or tattoo from Fat Cats. Grab a pair of cheap sunglasses or a souvenir t-shirt at this discount beach store. Like the sign says, Ocean Plaza Tees has t-shirt sizes from 6 months to 6x.  It's a good bet that they'll have your size. You can find just about anything at Palace Fashions. The Ocean Fashion Boutique and Jewel of the Ocean sit along side one another just South of Somerset Street. The T-Shirt Factory has 1000's of different prints, colors, and styles. I pity the fool who doesn't stop in at Mister T's Inlet Village shop. Quiet Storm Clothing Company is a casual clothing retailer on 74th Street and Coastal Highway. Sea Quest offers swimwear and other casual clothing for beachgoers.  South Moon Under's 80th Street & Coastal Highway location. Mon Amie is t-shirt and casual clothing shop on the boardwalk in the front of the Shoreham hotel. Sunglass City and the Ocean Fashion Boutique are two prime examples of retailers on the Boardwalk. M.R. Ducks Apparel retail store for clothing and other branded merchandise.  Be sure to visit their location on the Talbot Street Pier for great live music. Additional clothing pictures

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