OLO MIKE in Ocean City

OLO is the name of the largest kite I have ever seen. The only thing I can think of that fits is Obscenely Large Octopus.

Ocean City's world famous boardwalk is the place to be in OC. With so many thrilling rides, decadent treats, and some of the best people watching on the planet it's no wonder why the boardwalk has been such a great attraction for generations.

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Previous boardwalk pictures Handlers had a difficult time getting this duck off the ground with the winds coming from the West and being blocked by the buildings along the boardwalk. A beautiful Spring day on the Ocean City, MD Boardwalk. A large red dragon kite rises above the sands of Ocean City. Many American Kitefliers Association clubs came from far and near to Ocean City for this year's MIKE like the Wings Over Washington Kite Club from DC. A beautiful sunny day brings people to the boardwalk to stroll along and take in the scenery. From the top of the ferris wheel you can see the inlet, Assateague Island, and the Trimper Amusement Park. An amazing sand sculpture created by Randy Hofman. Dawn in Ocean City can produce some beautiful scenes, like the OC fishing pier just before sunrise. Now that's what I call a classic! The Ocean Gallery has been a landmark on the Boardwalk for ages.  It has to be seen to be believed. A well known postcard is blown up to enormous proportions on the side of a building on Caroline Street. Everyone's favorite game Whac - A - Mole ! at Trimper's Rides and Amusements. Trimper's The Inverter and The Matterhorn light up the night on the Boardwalk's largest amusement park. The Inverter and Matterhorn Rides at Trimper's lit up at night. The Ocean City pier rides are operated by the Jolly Rogers group that also has an amusement park on Coastal Highway and 28th Street The first stop on the Boardwsalk is often to get an ice cream to eat as you stroll the boards.  Dumser's is located just next to the Inlet parking lot. 07 Cruisin OC at the inlet parking lot. 07 Cruisin OC picture. 07 Cruisin OC. Not your typical hood ornament. Hot rods, muscle cars, and ferris wheels?  Only at the inlet during cruiser's week in Ocean City. At cruisin OC you can ride a ferris wheel, or if you bring your own, a historic muscle car. Having an eye catching car is all in the details. The first car inside the gate of the Cruisin OC inlet lot. Some cars had a few more admirers than others.  Like this beautiful Cobra. Several cars showed off their trophies from previous shows, competitions, and races.