boardwalk parade

Flags were on display at the Allstate Patriotism Boardwalk Parade, one of the many events of the Annual Cruisin OC event in Ocean City.

boardwalk parade cruisin oc 2007 in Ocean City The Patriotism Boardwalk Parade at the 2007 Cruisin OC event. Gentlemen, start your engines.  The Allstate Patriotism Boardwalk Parade is about to begin. The classic cars creeped down the boardwalk for the classic car parade during cruisers week. The Boardwalk was the place for polished classics to  cruise in the early morning. Cars kept cruising by for well over an hour at the Cruisin OC classic car parade. People were lined up along the boards while others took a higher perch to get a view of the big iron rolling down the boards. Take a little trip... take a little trip... The crowds grew heavier and heavier as you moved closer to the inlet for the boardwalk parade. This car leans forward as it makes its way to the Inlet parking lot. A classic 'stang comes up to the deck of The Plim. Patrons of the Plim Plaza had a great view of the classic cars. Some of the classic cars at Cruisin OC were a little more exotic than others. For once the Ocean Gallery was not main attraction on the boardwalk in Ocean City. Beautiful day, beautiful cars.  You can't ask for more at the Cruisin OC event. Additional boardwalk-parade pictures

4th street boardwalk boardwalk parade car classic car cruisin oc cruisin oc 2007 event ocean city photo special street vehicle more boardwalk parade photos

Pictures are great but being there is even better. Reserve your hotel in Ocean City today and make new memories.
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