The Atlantic Coast Inn is the first hotel in Delaware that you come to while going North on Coastal Highway. The MD - DEL LINE sign is right next to the entrance.

The Oceanic Motel has a prime location on the Southwest corner of Ocean City. The Oceanic Motel hae one of the best locations in Ocean City and it even has its own private beach! The Talbot Inn at the Talbot Street Pier keeps you close to the action in downtown OC. The Fenwick Inn offers guests an indoor pool and features an in house restaurant on the top floor with spectacular views. The Fenwick Inn and in-house restaurant, Jordan's Rooftop, are locatated on Coastal Highway and 138th Street. The Fenwick Inn. The Fenwick Inn is a popular choice for famillies that have young childern who love to swim. The Talbot Inn.

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Pictures are great but being there is even better. Reserve your hotel in Ocean City today and make new memories.
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