3rd street

This MIKE vendor certainly had their ducks in a row.

OLO is the name of the largest kite I have ever seen.  The only thing I can think of that fits is Obscenely Large Octopus.  The enormous size of OLO can be seen by comparing it to the size of one of our photographers. Handlers had a difficult time getting this duck off the ground with the winds coming from the West and being blocked by the buildings along the boardwalk. Many American Kitefliers Association clubs came from far and near to Ocean City for this year's MIKE like the Wings Over Washington Kite Club from DC. A beautiful sunny day brings people to the boardwalk to stroll along and take in the scenery. Some of the classic cars at Cruisin OC were a little more exotic than others. St. Paul's By The Sea Episcopal Church on 3rd and Baltimore in downtown Ocean City. The 15 foot spikey ball at the 2007 MIKE is displayed by Larger Than Life Kites. At MIKE, telling someone to go fly a kite is not quite the insult that it usually is. The South Jersey Kite Fliers were among several groups of people who participated at the 2007 MIKE in Ocean City, MD. OLO begins to rise above the beach at the 2007 MIKE event at Ocean City, MD. At 130 feet long, OLO is the largest sea creature to ever crawl along the beach in Ocean City. Gasps of amazement could be heard from casual spectators on the boardwalk as they passed by OLO at the '07 MIKE. OLO by Larger Than Life Kites at the 2007 Maryland International Kite Expo. Additional 3rd-street pictures

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